Transparent vinyl stickers are the stickers with the transparent back ground, which gives a clear view from one side to the other. These stickers are made up of the vinyl stock, which is more durable, long lasting, and high quality sticker then the other stocks of the stickers.
MaterialTransparent Tetron 50g
ColorFull color (CMYK) on Front (option – White ink printing)
CuttingKiss-cut (Die-cut on request)
Supply formSingles, on Sheet
PrintingUV (Ultraviolet) Printing
Turnaround9~11 business days
UseCosmetic, wine, jar, bottle, toys, chemical products, food, electronics.
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Transparent Vinyl Stickers

*Kiss-cut size : 10x10mm ~ 400x400mm
*Including GST & Free Delivery Australia Wide

A sticker with a transparent style might just be what you need to better show off your products and packaging. Clear sticker printing lets you create labels with a clear background that you can stick on any surface. They are printed on clear BOPP stock that is water-resistant, tear-proof and durable. Make clear stickers for your products, gifts, special events or just for fun.

Where Would You Use Clear Stickers?

Clear stickers excel when applied on transparent surfaces such as windows, windshields, beverage containers, bottles, jars, and more. They allow you to show off the contents of a container without obstructing your view. Their see-through quality also allows for more creativity in your product packaging.This makes them a favorite of craft brewers and small businesses. Transparent stickers are also now fast becoming a popular option for clothing sticker printing because they’re less obvious compared to regular opaque stickers.

Another reason to get custom clear stickers is their durability. Clear stickers are abrasion, UV, and waterproof, and are safe to use in freezers and outdoor applications.

Material : Clear BOPP (Indoor)

Polypropylene label that is oil & water-resistant. Gives a “no-label” look. Great label option for products that require exposure to water, oil, moisture or refrigeration. Not recommended for writing.

UV (Ultraviolet) Printing

UV flatbed printers feature some of the most up-to-date printing technology on the market today. UV cured inks are weather-resistant and offer increased resistance to fading.

* IMPORTANT – White color Ink Option:  

digital print on clear vinyl can sometimes be difficult to see if the stickers are placed on glass or on a background with similar colouring to the print as the printing is semi transparent. We recommend our Optional White ink process printed behind images to help make them pop – even on dark colours.