Hologram stickers are unique stickers which are created to secure their products from the other to which make their duplicates. These stickers provide security, validation and the protection against the counterfeiting.
MaterialHologram paper – Water resistant, Durable, Freezer Safe
ColorFull color (CMYK) on Front
CuttingKiss-cut, Die-cut
SupplySingle stickers, on Sheet
PrintingUV Offset print
Turnaround9 ~11 business days(Including delivery) & Free shipping
UseProduct label, clothing, food, Packing box, barcode printing, indoor use
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Hologram Stickers

*Any Size : 30x30mm ~ 297x447mm
*Including GST & free Delivery Australia Wide

Hologram stickers have many different uses, and are most commonly used for security reasons. They can also be used on official documentation to help people quickly authenticate them, as well as on membership cards, gift vouchers, and any products that require protection from counterfeiting.
Not only do holograms provide added security, they can also add an eye-catching feature that quickly lends perceived value to a product. They can be used to add the finishing touch to complete packaging as well as enhancing a company’s image and adding another feature for shelf appeal.
As a long-standing member of the International Hologram Manufacturer’s Association, our hologram solutions can work to protect your assets and meet all your individual security concerns.


Vibrant rainbow hologram effect.
Durable, waterproof and suitable for indoor use.


Vibrant rainbow hologram effect with a variety of patterns. Patterns include circles, stars, sand dusts and many more.
Durable, waterproof and suitable for indoor use.