Multi Layer Stickers

Multi-Layer Labels (or Peel & Reveal labels as they are commonly called) are particularly useful when space limitations on the face label mean that you want (or need) to provide more information. In this case a multi-layer label is the ideal option. Cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical labels where regulations require specific and detailed information mean that this option allows you to retain specific branding appeal while still meeting regulatory requirements by placing information on a second layer underneath the top layer.

Stick, peel, or reattach: sandwich labels are removable labels that offer plenty of space for information for the end consumer.

  • Sandwich labels for product labelling
  • In the calculator you will find many different options for effective and exciting multi-layer labels

If you have need multi-layer labels on which you want to put a lot of information, many danger symbols or product instructions in multiple languages on the outside of the product, we recommend that you.

Let us know the details for your products you require the quote. Be specific as the more details we have, will enable us to provide an accurate quotation the best price. We will be getting back to you within 8 hours once the request is received.

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