Metal stickers are sticker is a custom detailed adhesive metal sheet with a drawing, graphic, or black and white image. This sticker has a strong adhesion and will not easily come off. You can design your logo, symbol, or company name. Color selection is not possible for this stock.
MaterialMetal Gold, Metal Silver 80gsm
ColorGold or Silver on Front
CuttingIndividuals, on Sheet
PrintingOffset print, Digital print
Turnaround15~20 business days
UseCar surfaces, mobile phone, glass, computer, any product with a smooth surface.
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Metal Stickers

*Any size : 20x20mm ~ 150x200mm
*Including GST & Free Delivery Australia Wide


Metal stickers have a very expensive look and feel.

* Not recommend for rough surfaces, fabrics, or any areas that may bend, or fold.
* Do not reuse once you adhere.

Gloss, Matte and 5 patterns

We provide 5 patterns based on CMYK and you can make your artwork using different patterns you wish.

detail_metal_01-1-981x800 2
Artwork for Metal STICKER

Size : Minimum 20X20 ~ Maximum 150X200mm
Select material either Gold or SIlver
Gloss, Matte and 5 types patterns with CMYK.