Kraft paper sticker is commonly utilized for luxurious & ornate designs, the organic, recycled look is well suited for the environmentally informed consumer.
MaterialKraft 80g
ColorFull color (CMYK) on Front
CuttingKiss-cut, Die-cut
Supply formSingles, on Sheet
PrintingOffset print, Digital print
Turnaround11~13 business days
UseProduct label, clothing, food, packing box, barcode printing, indoor use
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Kraft Paper Stickers

*Kiss-cut size : 10x10mm ~ 400x400mm, Die-cut size : 50x50 ~ 400x400mm
*Including GST & Free Delivery Australia Wide

Kraft Paper Stickers have a similar strategy to official cardboard paper but with a quaint, brownish tone that creates a homemade look for your stickers. It has a smooth sticky side to help stick correctly to your surfaces. Custom printed kraft paper stickers are commonly utilized for luxurious & ornate designs, the organic, recycled look is well suited for the environmentally informed consumer. Same as with our Custom art paper, kraft stickers are best used for mailers or labeling items.



A gloss coated paper has a high sheen. The gloss lamination provides better resistance to tearing and moist – therefore, it is also easier to peel-off without any ripping.


A matte coated paper is a non-glossy, flat looking paper with very little sheen. The coating still keeps much of the ink from being absorbed by the paper, which produces excellent, vibrant color.


Uncoated paper has not been coated with a surface sealant. As there is no coating, there is no sheen/glare on the surface. Unlike other coated art paper stickers, you can actually write on uncoated stickers.



Kiss-cut stickers are light cut within the border of the design but keeping the paper backing intact. This means the stickers will peel from the backing smoothly. If you need to peel off a large amount of stickers, kiss-cut will be ideal. (Shape : Any types, Size : 50x50mm ~ 400x400mm)


Die cut stickers are cut to the shape of the sticker, all the way through the paper backing. Back cutting line (1~2 depending on the size) is inserted so that you can easily peel off the backing paper. (Shape : Rectangle and Square only, Size : 50x50mm ~ 400x400mm)



The normal perpetual adhesive is typically utilized in labels and art paper stickers both indoor use; outdoor. Adhesion will depend on the surface and a variety of stickers.


The strong adhesive is highly recommended for customers who need their stickers to stick longer than common and not to peel easily. They work well on metal, plastic, painted surfaces, fabric, poly-carbonate, glass and more.


Removable adhesive is designed to form a temporary glue & provide sticker removal without leaving the residue. Removable stickers are reusable, however, the adhesive does weaken with reuse.
♦ Singles vs Sheets
Although generally a single design sticker is printed on a page, we do provide multiple design stickers on sheet.
♦ Roll
Roll Labels are frequently used by businesses that need a bulk order of same label. Minimum order required 5,000.