Finishing Options

What’s the difference between a die cut sticker and a kiss cut sticker? Although they look similar, a die cut sticker has a backing that is cut to the exact shape of the design. A kiss cut sticker typically has a square backing around the design that’s bigger than the sticker.

Kiss cut vs. Die cut

Our kiss cut and die cut stickers are available in all type of stickers. We recommend using kiss cut sticker as there may be some inconvenience with die cut sticker. For instance, with no-cutting die cut sticker, it may be difficult to peel off. With cutting die cut stickers, it may leave a slight cutting line mark on the sticker. We provide die cut stickers of rectangle and square types, If you wish to order die cut stickers for other custom shapes, please contact us.


Kiss cut stickers are light cut within the border of the design but keeping the paper backing intact. This means the stickers will peel from the backing smoothly.

Kiss Cut sticker has light surface cuts which are cut along the custom design you have provided. Only the facestock (i.e front paper or vinyl) is cut but the backing paper remains intact which allows the stickers to peel off easily out of the sheet.

We recommend kiss cut stickers as it is easier to peel off compared to die cut stickers. If you need to peel off a large amount of stickers, kiss cut will be ideal.

The minimum sticker size you can order is 10x10mm up to maximum size of 400x400mm.


Die Cut stickers are when we cut through both the facestock and the backing paper along your custom design shape.

With die-cut stickers, a back cutting line is inserted so that you can peel off the sticker easily. If you wish to order a die-cut sticker without back cutting line, please contact us. However, we don’t recommend this because it is more difficult to peel it off (peel from the corner/edge).

We cannot guarantee the number of the back cutting lines, but normally one back cutting line is commonly inserted and depending the on the sticker size, there can be 2~3 back cutting lines.

Die cut sticker is available for the following types of stickers. (shape : rectangle or Square, adhesive : normal adhesive only)

    • Art paper stickers
    • Kraft paper stickers
    • Classic paper sticker

The minimum sticker size you can order is 50x50mm up to maximum size of 400x400mm.

Singles vs Sheet vs Roll

Although generally a single design sticker is printed on a page, we do provide multiple design stickers on sheet.

  • Note that depending on the size of your sticker design, the number of designs you may place on a sheet may be limited, as well as the price may vary depending on the designs.
  • Roll Labels are frequently used by businesses that need a bulk order of same label. Minimum order required 5,000

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping uses heat and metallic foils to create a shiny metallic eye catching finish on goods such as business cards, invitations,
wedding stationeries, brochures, gift cards and more. It gives a touch of elegance with a nice texture feel and creates a brilliant and unique appearance.
It is commonly used to enhance typography and logos and available in a variety colours including gold, rose gold, silver, bronze, hologram, red, blue, green and so on

  • Font Sizes equal or smaller than 6pt cannot be foil finished.
  • Iamge file for foil finish must be supplied in vector format (eg. AI, Eps).
  • JPG image format cannot be used for foil finish.

Hole Punch

Hole punch creates holes in printing products which can be useful for binding or other purposes.
6 different sizes of hole are available; 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 8mm.

White Color Print

Please create white print area with Black.(K100%)
Add a separate layer for a white print area.
※This only applies to Metallic Silver Vinyl, Transparent Vinyl and Kraft paper material. All fonts must be embedded or outlined.